Solar Electricity

We offer you environmentally friendly Solar Electricity solutions for you place
giving you c
leaner, greener energy and a healthier planet.

Solar Bird Proofing

Designed specifically to keep all birds from getting under solar arrays,
protecting the roof, wiring, and equipment from damage.

Since 2010

Ipswich Solar Power expert advice

Ipswich Solar Power offers a range of solar energy solutions for individual households, schools and businesses which provide many environmental benefits by utilising renewable energy to generate power and solar hot water. Solar provides 100% emission free energy production. We can assist you to power a 21st Century lifestyle. Contact us now on 1300 908 109 help us to help you decrease your carbon imprint and reduce your emission of greenhouse gases.

Our commitment

We can assist in arranging solar grid connections. You get professional advice with Federal and State Government rebates available.

  • All Warranties Australian based.
  • Solar Panels - manufacturing 10 years
  • Power production (90% : 10 years // 80% : 25 years)
  • Inverters - up to 10 year warranty
Ipswich Solar Power

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Let us help you decrease your carbon imprint and reduce emission of greenhouse gases.