Specialising in energy efficient Solar Air Conditioners

Our revolutionary Solar Air Conditioners range from Thermal to 100% Off Grid Units, providing innovative technology and reduced electricity costs. These unit's utilise either thermal energy or PV solar panels. By improving the efficiency through our revolutinary fan design, thus increasing the airflow and reducing noise. Our air condtioners produce clean, green cooling and heating.

How does the thermal hybrid work?

The next generation Solar Air Conditioners take the improvements made by inverter technology to the next level. By capturing thermal (ambient) energy, the amount of work the condenser does is reduced under full load and significantly extends the time the compressor is cycled off.

Keep the inside cool all day for next to nothing in energy costs with our range of Solar Air Conditioners.


AC/DC Solar Hybrid Air Conditioners

Compatible with 50Hz and 60Hz power, use it anywhere in the world. The AC/DC Solar Hybrid Air Conditioner installs exactly like a normal mini-split solar air conditioner.

Standard MC4 solar connectors and cabling can be used to connect the solar panels directly to the air conditioner unit.


Off Grid 48V DC Inverter Solar Air Conditioners

Introducing the 100% Off Grid 48V DC Inverter Solar Air Conditioner which uses no electricity effectively reducing operating costs by up too 100% during the day and night.

The 100% Off Grid Unit uses a combination of Solar Power and Battery Storage.



Thermal Solar Air Conditioners

Silent design where the wind speed is reduced to 26 dB, means you barely are aware of the unit is operating.

  • 2.6kW Split System, 3.5kW Split System, 4.5kW Split System, 5.6kW Split System
  • 6.0kW Split System, 7.2kW Split System, 8.2kW Split System, 9.5kW Split System


Think solar power for a better future for all

Let us help you decrease your carbon imprint and reduce emission of greenhouse gases.