Our company in Ipswich also provides solar hot water

Less waste water less waste energy

Ipswich Solar Power can provide energy efficient solar hot water systems and environmentally friendly hot water to your home all day, all night and in any weather conditions. Solar hot water systems not only use less energy they also waste less water. Thermasol hot water solutions are a split system with separate collectors installed on the roof and a ground mounted tank. This allows an unobtrusive installation and requires no additional bracing of the roof supports to cater for any roof tanks, and provides additional cost savings during installation.

How solar hot water works

Ipswich Solar Powersupplies a split system that allows the water tank to be stored in the same location as traditional hot water systems. The system is a heat exchanger with an electric booster which means that the water going through the panels is NOT the water that comes out of the tap. The heated water from the panels goes into the copper tank and the heat from the tank is transferred to the water inside the copper coils. Water from the copper coils is delivered to the home. Our solar hot water gives you a chance to enjoy your hot water without damaging the environment.

The technology

The solar hot water system uses an on board computer in the tank to monitor the system's water temperature and when it senses adequate sunlight on the collectors it pumps water to the panels for heating. If the power of the sun is not sufficient at that time (eg overcast day) the system switches to the electric booster to keep the temperature at the optimal level.

This means you are saving money, helping the environment and still enjoy the comforts of hot water.